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A mind blowing experience, with no forces and an unexpecting ending.


    BRAINFLUENCE is a complete three-phase mentalism routine that will convince your audience that you can influence their minds.


    The first phase is powerful, the second is incredible, but the third is out of this world.


    With just 10 beautiful postcards of famous cities and a picturesque envelope filled with stamps that fit in your pocket, you can perform a series of true miracles.


    In the first phase, the spectator chooses their favorite city and separates the corresponding postcard. The illusionist asks them to imagine themselves in that city and then proceeds to describe in detail the city they are thinking of.


    Next, the process is repeated, but this time, the illusionist guesses before the spectator even touches or separates any of the postcards.


    Finally, the spectator chooses a monument, iconic location, or tourist spot from their favorite city, and among hundreds of possibilities, the illusionist reveals that inside the envelope, there was a prediction printed with the image of that exact place from the beginning.





    • Freely choices. No forces. No skills.
    • Unique and unexpected finale.
    • Ideal for close-up or walk-around performances.
    • Very easy to perform once the secret is known.
    • Immediate reset.
    • Fits in a pocket.
    • All elements are included. No DIY required.
    • Not only is it an act of divination, but it's also a mind reading and precognition act that feels real.
    • Detailed online tutorials in both English and Spanish versions to learn all the secrets and storytelling.


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