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“The first card trick you don’t need cards”

"The power of the invisible deck but without cards"


- Completely free choice
- 52 different outs
- No forces
- No nail-writer
- You give the prediction as a souvenir
- You can use your business card
- You use your own regular deck


Imagine taking out your deck and placing it on the table.
Then you ask a spectator to think on any card and name it.
With completely clean hands you take the deck and turn it showing a paper with a clearly hand-written prediction of the selection!

But there is more.

You take the paper and add the date and your signature after the message and you give it to the spectator as a souvenir of the unexplained experience!



. You can use your own regular deck of cards and perform any other tricks you want. 

. Instead of a piece of paper you can use your business card to leave it as a souvenir with your information.

. With the online tutorial you will discover how easy is to perform and you will learn different options to present it for close up or virtual shows.

. You just write a prediction, put it in your deck and you are ready to perform the mind-blowing experience of That F*cking Card!

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